I love helping mortgage brokers make more money in less time.

I’ve been in the mortgage broking industry since 2006 – first as a broker, then as an operations manager and now as a coach. When I started out, I was told the only way to become more successful was to work harder. But in reality, this only leads to burnout. When I began implementing systems and introducing new technologies, I discovered it was possible to make more money in less time – by working smarter.

And now I help other brokers do the same…

I’ve developed the Auctus Coaching 4 Pillars of Mortgage Broker Success and I work with established brokers looking to scale their business, without sacrificing their lifestyle.
I like to keep things very simple – because in simplicity, we build a foundation for success.

Together with my team at Auctus Coaching we work with you to build the profitable, efficient, scalable business you’ve always dreamed of. Once we’ve finished working together, you’ll be able to:

👉 Make more money in less time
👉 Take holidays without worrying if your business will collapse
👉 Turn your business into a saleable asset you can cash in when you retire

Connect with me directly to get the ball rolling.

The 4 Pillars of Success



We work with you on big-picture planning, so you can figure out how to grow your business AND set up the staffing structures needed to handle the extra work


The tech and the tools to automate and turbocharge your business development, marketing, customer service and admin.


Customised business workflows. Help everyone in your team work smarter, and never miss important tasks.


Future-proof your business by ensuring you hire, train and retain the best people, using the right systems and technology. The best people become your secret weapon for scalable growth.



Our Team

Christian Paterson, Auctus Coaching

Christian Paterson

Director, Head Coach

I love nothing more than helping hardworking brokers to work smarter and enjoy their business while growing an incredibly profitable and efficient operation.

Amanda Gliel, Auctus Coaching

Amanda Gleig

Training and Development Manager, Leadership Coach

Amanda helps brokers and their teams to identify and keep track of the training needs, including learning and developing growth plans to maximise everyone’s potential, as well as assisting to implement those plans and coaching teams to increase productivity in their businesses.

Amanda Gliel, Auctus Coaching

Claire Kidd

Marketing and Communications Manager and Coach

Claire is a digital marketing specialist and certified in copywriting, 1:1 and group facilitation, Human Design and coaching. A background in international operations and customer service, Claire brings a wealth and breadth of knowledge, business smarts (and fun) to any project.