The Game-Changing Salestrekker 2.0: 10 Must-Know Upgrades for Your Mortgage Broker Business

by | Sep 13, 2023

As a Mortgage Broker Coach dedicated to helping brokers thrive and scale, I understand the importance of staying at the forefront of our ever-evolving industry. The mortgage brokering landscape is constantly shifting, and to remain competitive while providing the best customer service, we must embrace innovation.

That’s why I’m excited to share the 10 major changes Salestrekker 2.0 is bringing to the table. Read on to find out what these updates mean for your broker business.

1. New Deal Board and Deal View: See Future Sales with the Forecast Feature

The first big change in Salestrekker 2.0 is the introduction of the New Deal Board and Deal View. Imagine having the ability to gaze into the future of your business! This feature allows you to visualise future sales so you can plan strategically and ensure a consistent flow of income. With this tool, you can make data-driven decisions to secure the success of your broker business.

2. Improved Broker Tools: Quick Tools for Easier Work

Time is a precious commodity in the world of mortgage brokering. SalesTrekker understands this, and the new platform offers improved tools to make your work more efficient. These quick tools streamline administrative tasks, giving you more time to focus on building relationships with clients and closing deals. It’s about working smarter, not harder.

3. Task Improvements: Organise Tasks and Save Time

A well-organised task management system is the backbone of a successful brokerage. Salestrekker 2.0 brings significant improvements to task management, helping you organise your workload effectively. This means you’ll never miss a deadline. You can also provide a faster and more responsive service, which builds trust and loyalty.

4. Contact Improvements: Build Stronger Client Relationships

Strong client relationships are the lifeblood of any mortgage broker business. Salestrekker 2.0 enhances the Contact module to help you build meaningful connections with clients. You can personalise interactions, track communication history, and create an exceptional client experience that sets you apart in the industry.

5. Supercharged Automation: Automate Tasks and Boost Efficiency

Automation is the key to scaling your mortgage broker business. Salestrekker 2.0 supercharges your automation capabilities, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks and workflows. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency and accuracy.

6. More Flexibility: Use Any Device and Get More Done

Flexibility is paramount in today’s fast-paced world. Salestrekker understands this need, so the platform is designed to be compatible with any device. Whether in the office or on the go, you can stay connected and productive. This level of flexibility empowers you to serve your clients effectively, regardless of your location.

7. Notification Centre: Stay Organised and Never Miss a Thing

In the competitive mortgage industry, missed opportunities can be costly. Salestrekker 2.0 introduces a Notification Centre to ensure you never miss an important update or deadline. This feature keeps you on top of client requests, lender communications, and upcoming tasks, giving you a significant advantage.

8. Email Integration: Manage Emails Seamlessly

Email communication is a cornerstone of the mortgage business. Salestrekker 2.0 seamlessly integrates email management within the platform. This simplifies communications, making it easier to track and respond to client and lender emails promptly. Streamlining email communication enhances your professionalism and responsiveness.

9. Improved Search and Reporting: Get Insights and Reports That Matter

Data-driven decisions are essential for success in the mortgage brokering industry. Salestrekker 2.0 enhances search and reporting capabilities, providing you with valuable insights and reports that matter. This empowers you to analyse your business performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions to drive growth and profitability.

10. Data Security Improvements: Keep Your Data Safe and Secure

Data security is a top priority in the mortgage industry, especially with increasing regulatory requirements. Salestrekker 2.0 introduces robust data security improvements to protect your sensitive client information. You can rest assured that your data is safe and your brokerage complies with industry standards.

Are You Ready for the Upcoming Salestrekker Changes?

Now, the big question is: Are you ready to embrace these transformative changes with Salestrekker 2.0? As a Mortgage Broker Coach, I urge you to seize this opportunity. These ten upgrades are not just about improving your operational efficiency; they will also enhance your ability to serve clients, build strong relationships, and scale your business.

As a certified partner of Salestrekker, Auctus Coaching stands firmly by your side throughout this exciting transformation. Our Salestrekker 2.0 packages come with 90 days of support after we launch it for you. We’re here to help you through any challenges and ensure everything goes smoothly. Contact us today to find out how Salestrekker 2.0 can make your brokerage even better — book your discovery call with Christian Paterson today, or check out the latest Salestrekker 2.0 update for more information.

Christian Paterson, Auctus Coaching

Christian Paterson

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