What the right CRM can do for your mortgage broker business

by | Sep 9, 2022

If you’re a mortgage broker, you know that having the right CRM is essential to your business. But what exactly can a CRM do for your business?

Here are just a few of the ways a good CRM can help your mortgage broker business:

  1. Help you manage and keep track of your clients and prospects – go from lead to loan all in one system, tracking prospects all the way from their first interaction with you.You should not have to leave the CRM to locate any key data on your client, including documentation and history.
  1. Help you stay organized and efficient – no more multiple versions of spreadsheets and application documents saved on company shared drives! With the right CRM, everything is housed in one place, for your team to run as efficiently as possible.
  1. Help you nurture your relationships with clients and prospects – the R in CRM is all about relationships, so when used properly, your CRM can – and should – be your best nurturing tool. How? You can take down details of your clients that you can then use in future interactions with them, such as birthday info, kids’ favourite Disney character and wife’s favourite movie. Think this isn’t relevant to a mortgage broker business? Consider how you and your family might feel if a business not only remembered this info but sent you a gift or a tailored experience based on this! This is how business (and repeat business) is won!
  1. Help you generate more leads – your CRM should help you to grow your business in a multitude of ways, including freeing up your time so you can do other business growth activities such as posting thought-provoking content on LinkedIn or reaching out to those prospects at the time you knew they were thinking about refinancing.
  1. Help you close more deals – the best CRM is the one that ultimately helps you to close more deals. You should be able to easily and quickly see forecasts and prospects for your team to follow up on as well as move the needle on key tasks each day.

A good CRM can be a valuable asset to your business, so if you’re not using your to its maximum – it’s time you changed that!

At Auctus we  partner with the industry leading CRM for mortgage brokers, Salestrekker. Why? Because it’s the best!

Salestrekker is a full-featured CRM system that’s easy to use and packed with features designed specifically for mortgage brokers, such as an online client portal and document collection, workflow management and automation of tasks and client communication. If you have Salestrekker and you’re not leveraging all of these amazing features, let’s chat!


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