The Power of Tagging: Organising and Communicating with Your Audience

by | May 3, 2023

I understand the importance of communication and organisation when it comes to reaching my audience, yet the more clients and connections I speak with, the more surprised this simple but effective strategy isn’t talked about more. In today’s world, social media is an incredibly powerful tool for building relationships with clients and potential clients. However, with so much information available online, it can be difficult to ensure that your message reaches the right people. That’s where tagging comes in.

What is tagging?

Tagging is the process of adding a keyword or phrase to a social media post or piece of content, in order to categorise it and make it easier to find. When you tag a post with a relevant keyword, it becomes more visible to people who are searching for information on that topic. For example, if I write a blog post about the benefits of using a mortgage broker coach, I might tag it with keywords like “mortgage broker coach,” “business growth,” and “property finance.” That way, when people search for those terms online, my blog post is more likely to appear in their search results.

Get tagging, get organised

But tagging isn’t just about making your content more discoverable. It’s also a powerful tool for organising your social media accounts and communicating with your audience. By using tags to categorise your posts, you can create a more cohesive and streamlined social media presence. For example, you might create tags for different types of content, such as “blog posts,” “videos,” and “infographics.” Or you might use tags to categorise your content by topic, such as “property investment,” “first home buyers,” and “refinancing.”

Not only does this make it easier for your audience to find the information they’re looking for, but it also makes it easier for you to track your content and measure its effectiveness. By using tags to categorise your posts, you can quickly see which topics are resonating with your audience and adjust your content strategy accordingly.

Tag to track

Another powerful use of tagging is in social media campaigns. When you launch a social media campaign, whether it’s a promotion, a giveaway, or an event, you can use tags to track its performance and engage with your audience. For example, if you’re running a promotion for first home buyers, you might create a unique tag for the campaign, such as #FHBPromo. Then, you can encourage your followers to use the tag when they share your content or participate in the promotion. This not only helps you track the success of the campaign, but it also encourages your audience to engage with your content and share it with their own followers.

Email tagging (my personal favourite)

But tagging isn’t just limited to social media. You can also use tags to organise your email marketing campaigns, blog posts, and even your website. By using tags to categorise your content, you can create a more personalised experience for your audience. For example, you might create tags for different stages of the home buying process, such as “pre-approval,” “property search,” and “settling in.” Then, you can use these tags to send targeted emails to your subscribers based on their specific needs and interests.

In addition to organising your content, tagging can also help you communicate more effectively with your audience. By using tags to categorise your posts and emails, you can ensure that your message is reaching the right people at the right time. For example, if you have a list of subscribers who are interested in property investment, you can use tags to send them relevant content and promotions. Or, if you have a group of clients who are in the process of refinancing their home loans, you can use tags to send them updates and advice on the refinancing process.

Bonus tip: tagging is also possible in your Salestrekker CRM and we help clients create all kinds of relevant tags based on their individual business needs. These tags can also be automated and integrated with your email marketing system (like ActivePipe), meaning an automated campaign can be sent out purely based on tags and once it’s set up you don’t have to worry about it again! Curious to know how to do this? Book a time with me and I’ll walk you through it.

Overall, the power of tagging lies in its ability to organise and communicate with your audience in a more effective and personalised way. By using tags to categorise your content and track its performance, you can create a more cohesive and engaging social media presence. And by using tags to target your audience with relevant content and promotions, you can build stronger relationships and increase your chances of converting followers into clients.

I’ve seen firsthand how powerful tagging can be in reaching and engaging with my audience. By using tags to categorise my social media posts and email campaigns, I’ve been able to create a more personalised experience for my clients and potential clients. And by tracking the performance of my content with tags, I’ve been able to refine my content strategy and deliver more of the content that my audience is looking for.

If you’re not already using tags to organise and communicate with your audience, I highly recommend giving it a try. Start by creating a list of relevant tags that you can use to categorise your content by topic, type, and audience. Then, start using those tags consistently across all of your social media platforms and email campaigns.

By taking the time to tag your content and track its performance, you’ll be able to create a more effective and personalised communication strategy that resonates with your audience. And in today’s competitive online landscape, that can make all the difference in building strong, lasting relationships with your clients and potential clients.

Are you ready to take your communication and organisation with your audience to the next level? By utilising the power of tagging, you can optimise your engagement and streamline your interactions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your approach! Auctus Coaching can show you how — book your discovery call with Christian Paterson today or fill in this online form for more information.

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